In their own words: Our 2016 WHSAD Interns
. Thank you WHSAD, DOE, RHCT, Sea Dart II and ConEd!       Lunch time in the galley Christopher My time In their own words: Our 2016 WHSAD Interns WHSAD 2016 Interns (from left to right): Jose, Cesar, Christopher, DeVere, and Christie. Great to Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design (WHSAD). That’s a Title 1 school with a high
Our summer at PortSide! WHSAD interns on the MARY A. WHALEN
attend WHSAD and are from Red Hook, Carroll Gardens and Maspeth neighborhoods in NYC. WHSAD with the work and team spirit of the three interns from WHSAD. We told them that, in this era of PR Our summer at PortSide! WHSAD interns on the MARY A. WHALEN
PortSide WaterStories education: inventive, responsive, diverse
WHSAD high school WHSAD. The school's student are mostly low-income. Here is the story (in their own words Our Historian and WHSAD interns Peter, Kenny, Jared, and Zunayed. Thanks to One 15 Brooklyn Marina this experience for youth and adults) Community development Curriculum development WHSAD intern tankertime WHSAD high school interns and the Brandeis college intern restoring windows from the ship. The Design (WHSAD) City as School, alternative high school, Manhattan St John’s University, Ozanam Scholars
PortSide NewYork Awarded Two-Year REDC NYSCA Grant
activities cited in our grant application include: Preservation programs and internships with WHSAD, a school. Read what our summer 2015 WHSAD interns thought of it, in their own words. Job training program
PortSide NewYork 2015 year in review
Design (WHSAD), and Behind the Book. We had three summer interns from WHSAD and two college interns from , volunteers! Three summer interns from WHSAD did enormous work restoring the teak rail around the wheelhouse
PortSide NewYork 2016 year in photos
Internship with Williamsburg High School of Architecture and Design (WHSAD). More in this blogpost
Visitors enthralled by PortSide TankerTours of MARY A. WHALEN during OHNY Weekend
interns from WHSAD sponsored by ConEd, the painting by apprentices from District Council 9, the donated
Summer 2017 preservation internship - PortSide's perspective
Williamsburg High School of Architecture & Design (WHSAD). The students are paid by the Department of the program and offered the other interns the benefit of his experience. The WHSAD students come to us Education. The group of five from WHSAD (Gloriveht, Jared, Johnathan, Kenny, and Zunayed) was joined by a
FREE TankerTours for MARY A. WHALEN's 78th Birthday Sat 5/28
TankerTours, TankerTime, and our summer preservation internships with the WHSAD high school, programs off the
Memorial Day Weekend: Fleet Week + Saturday Mary Whalen TankerTours
, and our summer preservation internships with the WHSAD high school and programs off the ship such as
-1166 Summer preservation interns come from Williamsburg HS of Architecture & Design (WHSAD) Red
Education & youth
high school, the Williamsburg HS of Architecture and Design (WHSAD). This program teaches life
Summer 2017 preservation internship - as the interns tell it
past weeks. Zunayed My name is Zunayed Chowdhury, and I go to WHSAD. Tuesday the 25th, 3rd week blog
PortSide NewYork gets a new home!
Williamsburg HS for Architecture and Design (WHSAD) will have paid internships during summer 2015 at
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