Ship cat Chiclet

Chiclet is a rescue cat from the Rockaways. A visiting four-year old named her "for a small gum" when we explained that the cat was not a kitten, just very small.  Chiclet was listed among Time Out's top 2012 New York City mascots.  Chiclet's press release to Time Out in 2011 garnered her that attention.

120124 boom day chiclet 005.jpg

Her important work

She keeps the ship rodent free.  She is our official greeter; she approaches all visitors and rubs against their ankles.  She is also the Inspector on all pier and outdoor shipwork. Her longest stint was supervising the repair to our shorepower connection after hurricane Sandy. She followed that night-time, all-flashlight job for four hours.  She has a lot to say about resiliency.  She is not involved in administration; she finds typing boring, unless string is involved!  You can join her and Get Involved