Select PortSide testimony submitted to the City Council Waterfront Committee

3/16/12 "Transforming NYC's Waterfront - one year update on Waterfront Action Agenda (WAVES).  PortSide led an effort to have this hearing have a major focus on the needs of historic vessels in NYC.  Here is PortSide testimony, and see our blogpost for more testimony about this hearing which generated much impassioned advocacy on behalf of historic ships. 

12/14/06 South Brooklyn Working Waterfront
(oversight hearing by the Land Use Subcommittee Landmarks, Public Siting, Maritime Uses and the Committee on Waterfronts)                        

10/31/06 Rules of the Road, sharing the waterway

2/13/06  General waterfront issues

6/15/05  Regulatory Obstacles to Waterfront Development (the DEC) includes a discussion of DEC policy's effect on Red Hook, Brooklyn.

1/12/05  Waterfront Employment

Other PortSide Testimony:
        PortSide comment on plans for  "Public Place" on Gowanus Canal
        PortSide comment on spring 2007 redesign of  PS 15 playground

“This is the generation that will be known as the generation that rethought the city’s relationship to the waterfront. We have an opportunity to get it right, and we think that a cultural center like PortSide with a home on the working waterfront will be a great place to do that.”
— Tim Ventimiglia, Museum Designer advising PortSide