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Waterfront Policy recommendations submitted to the de Blasio transition team after his 1st election "Unlocking the potential of NYC’s waterfront, A progressive road map for the Sixth Borough."  These were publicly released in May, 2016. 

Portify as we fortify. Don't let Sandy drown a good idea. Our president Carolina Salguero argued in a 2016 presentation at AIANY that we cannot let post-Sandy resiliency plans drown the good ideas of Vision 2020. To activate our waterways, we need apertures, not solid seawalls. 


11/12/10 PortSide input to Vision 2020  During 2010, NYC conducted a year-long process to create a comprehensive waterfront plan. This was the second such plan in the City's history, and it updated one from the 1980s. The name reflects the commitment to update the plan every ten years, so this plan is in effect until 2020.  More...

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