Tour of the ship MARY A. WHALEN

A – Tankermen's Cabin (2 bunks) 
B – Mate's Cabin + one  (2 bunks).
C – Cook & Able Bodied Seaman's Cabin
          (Spaces B+C were combined into one office space by the last owner and are now main PortSide office space)
D – Fidley, a space over an engine or boiler
E – Paint & Gyro Compass locker (now electrical locker)
F – Officer’s Head (“head” is the maritime word for both bathroom and toilet)
G – Galley, the name for the kitchen on a ship.
H – Crew’s Head (“head” is the maritime word for both the bathroom and a toilet)
I –  Assistant Engineer + one crew member's cabin. (This was converted to an office space by last owner and is office of our President)
J –  Engineer's cabin