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Second Sundays TankerTime, 6 pm to midnight occurring 3rd Sunday

Second Sundays TankerTime, 6 pm to midnight, May through September. FREE. In August, in order to continue being the unofficial after-party for musicians who teach at the Balkan Music camp, our August Second Sundays TankerTime will happen on the THIRD Sunday. That’s because the musicians come play here before they fly back to Europe and other places in the USA. August 18 also coincides with the birthday of one of our regular musicians Marandi Hostetter, so we will have a LOT of great musicians.

Enjoy the main deck of PortSide's historic ship, the tanker MARY A. WHALEN.  Bring dinner, drinks, a book... Lounge in a hammock, read books from our maritime library. Stretch out in a lounge chair, immerse yourself in the maritime ambiance of our location. At 10 pm, the musicians jam of Mediterranean music starts and runs until midnight. Get a sense of the vibe here.