John Bradley a partner at Vedder Price and an attorney with over 30 years experience in commercial and maritime law, marine finance and maritime waterfront development, provides legal counsel on maritime matters. bio

SNR Denton US LLP, one of the 25 largest legal services providers in the world, with lawyers and professionals in 33 countries, serves as general counsel to PortSide on non-maritime matters. Gary Goodman is our primary contact.


Richard Evans, Ship Restoration & Maritime Instruction

David Levine, Information Architect & Content Management

Peter Rothenberg, Historian, Education & Program Planning

Carolina Salguero, Founder & President, 917-414-0565, 

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District Council 9, Local 806 (Structural Bridge Painters) provide major ship preservation work in the form of painting by the training program for apprentices that uses the MARY A. WHALEN as a training site.

Meet the Red Hook WaterStories team.

Crew Bios


Richard Evans | Ship Restoration & Maritime Instruction
Richard, a recently retired electrical/electronics engineer, executes detailed restoration work on the ship.  He has skills and practical experience in woodworking, construction, plumbing, electrical work, painting, small engine repair on boats and cars.  He operated and maintained 27’ sloop on Long Island Sound for decades. He is a member of the United States Sail and Power Squadrons since 1980 and has held Squadron positions of Secretary, Executive Officer, Commander and Education Officer as well as District Cooperative Charting Chairman. He has certificates for all of the USPS educational programs and has taught many of them, including Celestial Navigation, Seamanship, Sail, Engine Maintenance and Marine Electronics. Once PortSide has access to building space and can launch maritime training programs, Richard will be one of the instructors.


David Levine | Information Architect & Content Management
David joined PortSide to direct the Red Hook WaterStories content management and provide technical guidance. A traveler, sailor, cyclist, pianist, boulevardier, David comes with a twenty-five year career in programming, software architecture, Information architecture, content modelling and content management.  He has now lived more years in Brooklyn than anywhere else.  He is a member of the Knickerbocker Sailing Association. 


Peter Rothenberg | Historian, Education & Event Planning
Peter is a history curator and native of Brooklyn. He was the curator of the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts in Madison, NJ, and prior to that of the New York Fire Museum. He is co-author the book: FDNY: An Illustrated History of the Fire Department of the City of New York. His extensive experience working events and festivals informs his contribution to creating and running PortSide events and educational programs. He has been site crew at music festival for years, over 30 years at Clearwater, over 20 at Falcon Ridge, and 8 years at Zlatne Uste. See and hear the Tanker Gamelan he invented by hanging marine hardware for a 2nd grade field trip. He is also a consultant at educational events at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. From program design to rigging, fabrication and preservation, he does it all — inventively. Peter holds a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology from Oberlin College and a Master's Degree in American History and Museum Studies from the University of Delaware.


Carolina Salguero | Founder & President, PortSide NewYork
Carolina began life in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn and spent her teen years in New England, often on the coast. She graduated magna cum laude from Yale with two majors (Art and American Studies). The social policy studies from the latter informed her journalism and ultimately PortSide.  She worked around the world as a freelance documentary  photographer and writer from the opening of the Berlin Wall through 9/11 where she arrived at ground zero by boat.  Her intrepid photojournalism had her survive a hit man and Shining Path bomb in Peru, and a car-jacking at machine gun point in South Africa.  Since 1998, she has been researching, documenting, boating and advocating on behalf of New York City's waterfront. In 2002, she completed a multi-year project on NYC tugboats for National Geographic which introduced her to the working waterfront.  In 2003, she launched the first interactive community board website in NYC for Brooklyn Community Board 6 about the "Piers 6-12 Study" pertaining to plans for the Red Hook Containerport.  In 2007, she supervised the haul-out of the MARY A. WHALEN.  Her motivation for founding PortSide NewYork was captured in a 2015 profile in Waterwire and she continues creating art photography via a series of porthole views from the MARY A. WHALEN.  In 2013, Carolina received a "Champions of Change" award from the Obama White House and a  National Maritime Historical Society ship preservation. She has a 6-pack captain's license.

John Weaver
John began his career on stage, first as performer then in production in theater and television. From staff Director at WABC-TV he turned to producing and directing commercials for twenty five years, becoming a Senior Vice President at Young and Rubicam.  John has made the ship the focus of his diverse talents since 2007. He brings a unique personal history to PortSide's re-use of the MARY WHALEN.  John's father in law was captain of the MARY WHALEN for twenty years. His father in law was NOT at the helm when the MARY WHALEN ran aground in the famous 1968 episode that led to a Supreme Court case; that was the other captain.   His wife donated the papers of her father Captain Alf Dyrland, giving PortSide a precious collection of ship memorabilia. John is Production Coordinator for all performing arts programs at PortSide NewYork, and a key part of the branding and visioning team.  John’s hobby is woodworking, sometimes on a large scale; he built his own log cabin vacation home in the Pennsylvania woods.



Chiclet | Ship Cat
We have a great ship cat named Chiclet who keeps us all motivated and keeps the ship rodent free. Read more about her here.


Adrian Bacolo
Adrian came to PortSide in early 2019 after wandering down to Red Hook with his camera and noticing our banner outside the MARY. A WHALEN. He has been volunteering with us since, using his experience as a college journalist and 10 years’ experience in creative advertising strategy, traditional/web marketing, project management, and analytics to improve our website, newsletter, and social media. Adrian is an aspiring photographer with deep Brooklyn roots and waterfront connections. He grew up in Park Slope, and his father and grandfather were born in Red Hook. His grandfather was a longshoreman and a founding member of VFW Post 5195 on Van Brunt Street.