of course she can climb ladders. it’s required of all crew.

of course she can climb ladders. it’s required of all crew.

Ship Cat Chiclet

We will celebrate Chiclet’s 10th birthday fall 2019 with the publication of her memoir. Check back for dates!

We found Chiclet on the Rockaways in 2009 when she was an underfed, tween of a cat full of fleas. A visiting 4-year old named her for “a small gum" when we explained that the cat was not a kitten, just very small. In 2012, Chiclet was listed among Time Out's top New York City mascots after issuing her own press release.

Her Important Work

Chiclet is more than just a famous New York City cat. She keeps the MARY rodent-free. She acts as our official greeter, approaching all visitors and rubbing against their ankles. And she is the ship’s inspector on all pier and outdoor shipwork. Her longest stint was supervising the repair to our shorepower connection after Hurricane Sandy—she oversaw that nighttime, all-flashlight job for four whole hours, which is more than any dog who’s visited us can claim. While Chiclet wears many hats at PortSide, she refuses to get involved in administration. She finds typing boring, unless there’s string is involved.

Meet Chiclet

Visit us during TankerTime hours or learn how to volunteer aboard the MARY. Chiclet sends her regards.