Grand Opening - Memorial Day Weekend 2012

PortSide Pop-up Museum & Gallery

Inaugural Weekend Events


Knot Tying Demonstrations with painter, ship modeler and ropework artist Frank Hanavan

Possible guest appearance by Admiral Nelson


David Sharps, the entertainer and captain of the Waterfront Museum will be walking Columbia Street on stilts

Live Music:

SATURDAY    12pm-3pm

WIlly Gantrim 1 - 2 pm
Bird Courage  2 - 3 pm
SUNDAY    12 pm-5 pm

The Birdhive Boys   12 - 1:30 pm
Elio or Seven Deadly Venoms    1:30 - 3 pm
The Birdhive Boys 3 - 5 pm

MONDAY    12-3PM

Yazan 12 - 3 pm

schedules may be subject to change

Music thanks to the fabulous folks of the music school and venue Jalopy Theatre with Jalopy Tavern next door!

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