A very classy way to help PorSide and enjoy a grand celebration of ships in New York Harbor.

Classic Harbor Lines has offered to donate 50% of the ticket price of their OpSail cruises directly to PortSide if you reference us when purchasing the tickets. 
On Wednesday, May 23rd hundreds of ships will parade through the harbor as part of OpSail 2012, a multi-city event run by the group Operation Sail. Two of the Classic Harbor Lines yachts, the Schooners Adirondack and America 2.0, will be participating in the parade and will be taking passengers. The parade goes from 8am to 12:30pm. There is also a shorter spectator run on the Yacht Manhattan from 8.30am to 10.15am.

The ticket price for this event on both the Adirondack and America 2.0 is $120 and the shorter cruise on the Manhattan is $85.

Download these pdfs for details about the Adirondack and America 2.0

Call Meghan @ 212-627-1825 ext 1502 to make your reservations or email at Meghan@sail-nyc.com