Comment on New York City plans for Federal CDBG Sandy recovery funds

Just in from our friends at the Brooklyn Recovery Fund of the Brooklyn Community Foundation

The following is copied from an email from the BRF of the BCF. Note the January 25, 2014 deadline!

"You may or may not know, but the City has made changes to the CDBG plan for recovery funds. If you participated in previous CDBG plan hearings or read previous drafts, you need to know that this change being proposed reallocates money and significantly changes program eligibility requirements across a number of previously planned programs. All of the changes in this amendment are substantial. Changes in financial allocations impact programs and funding for:

·         Housing

·         Business

·         City Administration

·         Infrastructure

·         Resilience Programs

Attached is a short 5 page guide to help those of us who are not familiar with the City’s planning and comment process locate the guide (both online and in hard copy), understand how to read the guide, and includes all the info you need to give comments on the guide. We have also included a section by section overview.

The City is only taking comments until January 25, so please take a moment either on your own or with your organization and provide comments about these considerable changes to disaster relief funding.

If you have any questions or need further guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Noël Kepler or Gillian Kaye at"


NYC's webpage for the plan and amendments