New and strange on Pier 9B

Our ship's cat stands a good watch; Chiclet detected something way before me.

11pm, April 2, I was carrying her up to the captain's cabin when she tensed up and began to shiver and stare off the boat towards our vintage Hyster.

I could see nothing.

After about a minute, a humpbacked something came out from under the rollup door, headed behind the Hyster and then came out towards the boat and us.

Then, it looked up, and I could see the masked face of a raccoon.

Weirdly, I couldn’t see a tail. A tail-less raccoon?

It was not a huge one.

I barked and growled, and it trundled away as fast as its humpbacked self could go around the offshore end of the shed.

No, this is not April Fool’s!

Carolina Salguero