Visitors enthralled by PortSide TankerTours of MARY A. WHALEN during OHNY Weekend

PortSide opened the MARY A. WHALEN for Sunday of OHNY Weekend.  Our ship MARY worked her magic, and so did our ship cat Chiclet who was a magnet in her own right.

If you missed this, come enjoy the main deck for #TankerTime! BYOS (bring your own string), and you'll be popular with Chiclet.

Our docents explained the history of the ship, and how her work is still major in this port, the largest petroleum through-port in the USA.  As ever, John Weaver captivated visitors with the immigrant history of how Alf Dyrland left Norway as a 14-year old cabin boy, then emigrated to the USA and went on to became the captain of the MARY for 20 years.  

People were fascinated by the archaic communication system of speaking tubes and bellboat operations where the Captain rang bell and jingle to tell the Engineer what speed and direction to run the ship.  

People are equally taken with the old-fashioned features of the galley and the fact that it is larger than most home kitchens in NYC.

Our "Salty Selfies" photo station provided great souvenir moments. We believe in having fun while learning maritime history!

We hosted French visitors, visitors from the Upper East Side, people from Red Hook and more!

Several large groups came on bikes - we are right off the Brooklyn Greenway.

Painter Jim Ebersole popped in unannounced to make more sketches. Until this Thursday, 10/20/16, you can see his exhibit at Collier West Gallery on Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn that has paintings of and around the MARY A. WHALEN. 

We acknowledged the work of our partners and sponsors: the restoration of woodwork of interns from WHSAD sponsored by ConEd, the painting by apprentices from District Council 9, the donated paint from International Paint.

We promoted local business, and many ate at local restaurants before and after their trip.  We gave and we got.  Several visitors offered us program ideas and contacts to pursue! 

We capped off the day with a volunteer appreciation party.  Our 1970's board game "Tug Boat" was popular.

If you want to be a part of this, you can volunteer!

And please support the effort by making a donation! Thanks!